Digital Marketing Training - Premium Course

Digital Marketing Training - Premium Course

Digital Marketing is frequently referred to as online marketing, internet marketing or web marketing. The expression digital marketing has grown in recognition over time. We provide Digital Marketing training with practical sessions for corporates as well as individuals by employing technological platforms such as websites, e-mail,online marketing, search engine optimization and the social media.

 Who can Join Digital Marketing Course 

  • Anyone can learn Must Know Knowledge of Internet
  • Analysis Required (No Coding /Programming)
  • Any Graduate

 Digital Marketing can be helpful in

  • Growing Business
  • Branding
  • Getting Job in Digital Marketing
  • Freelance Work
  • Your Presence in Digital World

 Why to Choose Digital Abhi

  • 1:1 Training
  • 100% Practical Session
  • 100% Tool Based Live Session
  • Support for Freelance Work
  • 100% Placement Support in any Affiliate marketing platform

 List of Top Tools used During Digital Marketing Training

We Explain top tools in digital marketing during Training.

 Digital Marketing Training with Certification

Digital Marketing Certified Training Course

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Difference between Traditional vs Digital Marketing?
  • How Digital Marketing Helpful for Business
  • Importance of Digital Marketing
  • How to Utilize Digital Marketing Channels

Module 2: Basics Coding (HTML and CSS)

  • What is HTML?
  • What is CSS?
  • Structure of HTML Page
  • How to use HTML and CSS together in Webpage
  • Types of CSS
  • Types of CSS Selector
  • Basic HTML Tags
  • Design Simple Web Page using HTML and CSS

Module 3: Blogging(Blogger/Wordpress- CMS)

  • How to Choose Blogging Topic
  • Platform to Develop Blog
  • Blog Design and Development
  • How to Choose Blog Article topics
  • How to do Blogging
  • Benefits of Blogging

Module 4: SEO - Search Engine Optimization

  • Complete On page SEO
  • Complete Off Page SEO
  • Complete Technical SEO

Module 5: Social Media Marketing - SMM

  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Page and Profile Creation
  • Facebook  Free and Paid Promotion Marketing
  • Instagram Free and Paid Promotion Marketing
  • Twitter Free and Paid Promotion Marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing, LinkedIn Article Promotion
  • How to Prepare Social Media Calendar
  • How to Schedule Post in Advance
  • Social Media Analytical Tools

Module 6: Google Analytics

  • How to Setup Google Analytics
  • Basics of Google Analytics
  • Importance of Google Analytics
  • Understand Real Time Analytics
  • Understand the Audience
  • Understand Aquisition
  • Understand Behavior
  • Understand Conversion
  • How to Create Goals and Modify
  • How to Manage Users
  • What is E-commerce Analytics

Module 7: Google Search Console (Webmaster Tool)

  • Why to use Search Console?
  • How to Verify Search Console Acc?
  • Benefits of using the search Console
  • What is Search Analytics, Index, and  Crawl?
  • Module 8: Google AdSense
  • How to Apply for Adsense Program
  • Eligibility to Apply for Adsense Program
  • Benifits of Adsence Program
  • How to Create Add Units
  • Different Types of Ad Units

Module 9: Google Ads - Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

  • Keyword Research
  • Types of Ads
  • What is Campaign, Ad Group, and Ad?
  • How to Create Search Ads
  • How to Display Ads
  • How to Create Video Ads
  • How to Create Universal Ads

Module 10: Online Reputation Management(ORM)

  • What is Online Reputation Management
  • Why ORM is Important
  • How to Choose ORM tools
  • How to Deal with positive and Negative Reviews
  • How to improve online reputation
  • How Online Reputation improve Business
  • Module 11: Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile App Marketing
  • How to Engage with mobile users via message
  • Benefits of Responsive Design in Mobile Marketing
  • Location Based Marketing
  • Other Technics of Mobile Marketing

Module 12: Influencer Marketing

  • What is Influencer Marketing?
  • Advantages of Influencer Marketing
  • How can we use it Influencer Marketing?
  • Influencer Campaign Case Study

Module 13: A/B Testing

  • What is A/B Testing?
  • Tools used for A/B and Multi Variant Testing
  • Advantages of A/B Testing
  • Where can we implement A/B Testing in Real Time

Module 14: E-commerce Marketing

  • What is E-commerce Marketing?
  • What is B2B and B2C Marketing?
  • Why E-commerce Marketing is Important?

Module 15: Affiliate Marketing

  • What is Affiliate Marketing
  • Types of Affiliate Programs
  • How to Choose the best Affiliate
  • How Affiliate Program Works
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Affiliate Program
  • Basics need to become an affiliate
  • Affiliate Set Up
  • How to get approved from Affiliate
  • Which products to promote in your Blog/Website
  • Content strategy to engage visitors
  • Working with affiliate platforms
  • Monitoring performance to maximize profit

Module 16: Landing Page Design and Techniques

  • What is Landing Page?
  • What is Squeeze Page?
  • Impotent Components of Landing Page?
  • How to Design Landing Page?
  • Tools Used for Developing Landing Page?
  • Is matters landing for Paid Promotion?
  • Landing Page for SEO and Paid Ads
  • Why Landing page is important for lead Generation

Module 17: Graphics Design

  • How to create effective Designs
  • Tools used for Creating Graphics
  • Design a Graphics without Photoshop
  • Why create designing is mattes in Digital Marketing?

Module 18: Email Marketing

  • What is email marketing?
  • Types of email marketing
  • How to Write Subject Lines
  • Email Body
  • CTA and Landing Pages
  • Design and HTML Templates
  • Email Structure
  • Email Marketing Tool
  • What is Hard and Soft Bounce
  • Why Email Marketing is Important
  • Advantages and Disadvantages Email Marketing
  • How to use Email Marketing related to Your Business
  • How to Build Email Database

Module 19: Live Streaming

  • What is Live Streaming?
  • Benefits of Live Streaming?
  • How to do Live Streaming?
  • How to go Live using Different Online Chanel's

Module 20: Media Buying and Selling

  • What is Media Buying ?
  • What is Media Selling?
  • Media Buying and Selling Planning
  • The feature of Media Buying
  • Media Planning vs Media Buying

Module 21: Hash Tag Marketing

  • What is Hash Tag Marketing?
  • Tools Used for Hash Tag Marketing?
  • Advantages of Hash Tag Marketing?
  • Tools used for Hash Tag Marketing?

Module 22: Webinar Marketing

  • What is Webinar Marketing?
  • When we can we Webinar Marketing?
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Webinar Marketing?

Module 23: Push Notification

  • What is Push Notification?
  • Why need to use push notification feature to Blog/Website?
  • How  to use Push Notification Tools
  • How to Implement Push Notification to Website or Blog

Module 24: Chat Bot Marketing

  • What is Chat Bot?
  • Use of Chat Bot in Website?
  • How to use Chat Bot Tool?
  • How to Implement Chat Bot?

Module 25: Google and Bing Certification

  • How to Take Google and Bing Exam?
  • How to Prepare for Exam?
  • Benefits of writing exam?
  • Other Exam Info
  • You can get Bing and Google Certificate and its global valuable

Module 26: Resume Preparation and Support

  • How to prepare effective resume
  • What are the skills need to add in resume
  • How to update CV based on your skills in future

Module 27: Support Till Placement

  • How to get jobs in metro city
  • Digital Abhi can Support you till placed in Good Company
  • How to Choose Good Company for Job

Module 28: Freelance Technics

  • How to find Freelance Project
  • Different ways to get  Freelance Project

Module 29: YouTube Marketing

  • Why Video Marketing is Important
  • How to Create a YouTube Channel
  • How to increase subscriber and views on YouTube
  • How to Write Title, Description, and description for videos
  • What is a video manager
  • Types of ads on YouTube
  • Monetization of your video/ How to Make Money
  • Why Youtube is More Popular for Video Marketing?

Module 30: How to Update Digital Marketing Concepts/ Updates in Future

  • How to Update your skills in future
  • The ways to get updates in Digital Marketing and SEO
  • Why need to Update in Digital Marketing and SEO

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